Yuusk advises on how to succeed with Online Dating


Probably in terms of “becoming-a-little-Cupid”, the greatest invention the world has ever seen is online dating. You simply browse profiles, find a person you like and start a conversation with. If that person likes you back than the time for romance, love, friendship and fun has arrived. If you want to try an exclusive website for traveling and dating, where only the most successful people are accepted, Yuusk is the answer.

At least this is what theory says. In fact, online dating can be a pain in the ass if you don’t know some tips and tricks about

  1. Your profile picture is really important

Some will say that your first message is the most important aspect. This is true to a certain extent. Of course that what you write in your profile and opening messages will dictate if you are successful or not with online dating. But let’s not forget how important your profile picture is.  Remember: your profile picture is the first thing they will ever see! Yuusk is the best website for finding successful people so you’d better think twice about your profile picture.

Yes, that small thumbnail image will determine if the person you’re writing to will even open your messages. Most attractive women won’t open all of their messages if the thumbnails they are completely uninteresting.

  1. Write an interesting profile

Honestly it doesn’t even matter what information you write in your personal profile as long as you keep it real. Don’t be afraid of telling what you love doing and who you really are. An attractive person has the confidence to reveal their thoughts and feelings and feels comfortable in their own skin.

  1. Your first message

You’ve taken some decent pictures you’ve completed your profile and now you are ready to send your very first message. The first rule: don’t send messages out blindly. Read their profile, find something that most people may have missed and write your first message. The best way is to give a non-sexual compliment and to show interest in something from his profile.

So that’s it for now. We know that online dating is a bit scary at the beginning, but hopefully these three steps are enough to get you started. Enjoy and stay safe!


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2. Traveling alone can be dangerous. You will have to defend yourself, you will be an easy target and there will be no one to look out for you.
3. It’s very hard to make friends. You’ll be a freak if you just walk up to a group of people in a bar and try make friends with them.
4. You must be really introverted not to consider solo travel boring. Sharing a nice view with your best friend? Sharing a sunset/sunrise with someone you love? Yes! Sounds way better than being alone.

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